Mansal Financial Consultants Private Limited


Planning or Conceptualization

Mansal Financial Consultants (MFC) can act as your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Finance Director and help execute prudent financing decisions viz. Deciding the right mix of Debt and Equity. Cash, Costs, Communication, Confidence – these four Cs sum up the mandate of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

CFO Commandments in a downturn (or an upturn, too)

MFC will help decide the best way to finance assets

All business decisions have financial implications, and everyone needs to take this into account.

Financial Budgeting


Dealing with the Banks and Financial Institutions and regulators

MFC can help arrange long term and short term finance viz. Private Equity, Term Loan or Project Loan, Working Capital finance, both Fund based and Non Fund based e.g. Cash Credit facilities, Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees.